A Valid clue to Shutting Down Google Plus

google plus shutting down
  • After the leaking user’s data from Google plus, Google decides to shut down Google Plus.
  • It’s very surprising but it’s actually happening according to google update.
  • The big reason also is that Google’s top executive stopped using Google+.

In a short time lots of news comes about data leaking and now its another privacy scandal come. But this time it comes from an unexpected platform which is Google. Google play key roles in nowadays in our life and we facilitate enough from Google and Google plus is a big name in social media but in the end its become biggest failure of Google company.

According to the Wall Street Journal the data of hundreds of thousands of Google+ users exposed for almost three years from 2015 to 2018.

After revealing of data leaking from wall street journal google announced to shut down Google+. Its surprising for the online community but it’s happening.

Here is the list of Google’s Senior managers who stopped using Google+:

Google co-founder Larry Page — last posted August 2015

CEO Sundar Pichai — last posted March 2016

Former CEO and executive chairman Eric Schmidt — last posted February 2017

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