The New Zealand companies declare four-day working week successfully and now it will include by the companies in their New Schedule. Perpetual Guardian tells that the idea of four-day work is very successful, staff are work harder and focused and manage their work-life balance.

This experiment was done at Perpetual Guardian company where near 250 people works, the company is about estate planning, trialed, trusts, wills. In a company, staff work for eight hours in 4 days and they paid for 5 hours.

Founder of Perpetual Guardian’s Andrew Barnes added that staff able to make thier option for four-day work, and he also said that lawyer consulted new system according to New Zealand employment law and conditions. He added that those workers get more options as they work early for avoiding traffic problems or taking care of their children.

Barnes initially undertook the trial after knowing how much staff has pressure to manage their jobs and personal life. Barnes said that he wonders that staff who spend their 1 day more in their home to manage their personal life are work with more focus and productivity.

He said that

“For us, this is about our company getting improved productivity from greater workplace efficiencies … there’s no downside for us,”

For us, to make our business long term this is necessary that staff has the right attitude to make work productively. Relations minister, lain LeesGalloway show his feeling that four-day work is a very interesting idea and he will more focus to explore now modern models for the modern day office. The data of this trial was gathered by two N.Z academics before and after the trial period.

Observing this data they able to say that in November last year half staff able to send that they balance their work and home commitments, and after the test of this trial the number jumped to 78% which is very satisfying numbers.

Also, the stressed level of employees down almost 7 percentage point and level of satisfaction and improvement of work increased 5percentage points.

The main goal behind this change is made organizations and work more productive.