Canadian Public Employees may be banned from Wearing Religious Clothes

According to “secularism law” Canadian public employees may be banned from wearing religious clothes.

The law applies in French-speaking province on police officers, prison guards, judges, and high school teachers.

Mr. Legault said during speaking with reporters ” would like to have the framework where people in authority positions did not wear a religious sign.

If any of these employees did not accept to work on these conditions they either leave a senior post and work in the office or quit.

On Wednesday Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau urged Legault that he reconsider on this ban. He also said On Parliament Hill in Ottawa that “I do not agree with this opinion that the state tells a woman what she wears or what she cannot wear”.

He also said that according to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms a personal choice is his own freedom, which his father also a former prime minister Pierre Trudeau, crafted this freedom into the constitution and give guarantees freedom of religion.

In October Previous liberal government introduced religious-neutrality law and passed this law. In this law banned all government services in Quebec
from covering their faces. Antiracism has been planned in Montreal for the CAQ securities law to be condemned on Sunday. Next year, Quebec is upset about plans to reduce immigration next year (from 50,000 to 10,000 or less than 10,000 this year) and they need to test newcomers who will review knowledge of their French language skills and cubic facts.

And after his arrival three years later. If they fail, their immigration certificate will be canceled, but they can not be removed after their fatigue under federal authority.

In response, Mr. Liguel retired from Ms. Lee Pen on Twitter, noting that his government “welcomes thousands of immigrants every year, but we will do so to integrate It will be promoted.”

They tweeted, “we will be less of them”, but we will take care of them. “

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