Endeavor Withdrawn of $400 Million Saudi Arabia Deal

Endeavor deal

This main reason for pulling out of this deal is loss and possible murder of Saudi Arabia Journalist Jamal Khashoggi. This happened due to Hollywood to take stand in the wake of the loss of Jamal Khashoggi.

Endeavor removing deal of $400 with the Saudi government. The deal was removed because of pressure increase on Hollywood to take a stand for Saudi Journalist and the writer of Washington Post.

Sources said that this document, which will end the Saudi Arabian World Financial Funds Agreement, set by the government to support projects in the country and abroad, is ready for a 5-10 percent stake in the Endeavor

Earlier, endeavor chief executive Ari Emanuel said that he was keeping an eye on the situation and insisted that he was “personally interested”, but he was not responsible for the end of the relationship, which would be the company’s future. Is an important part of the cordless sheet.?

Endeavor declined to comment.

Also, many other big names, companies and journalist pressurize to remove deal.

“This wasn’t a reaction to the clients. The company would have gone this path regardless,” says a knowledgeable source.

Other Media companies also remove their relations and future deals.

Remember Endeavor is not one who did business with the Saudi government. There are more companies also doing their business with the Saudi government. One of them is big name “WWE” who also done their 10-year contract early. Most of them refused on commenting disappearance of the journalist.

The writer of Washington Post and Saudi Journalist Khashoggi has not seen after Oct 2 entering in Istanbul.

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