For the first time, the non-religious in the Netherlands are the majority

Netherlander non religious group

More than half of all Dutch people are not affiliated to a religious group. That is the first time, according to research by Statistics Netherlands (CBS) on Monday.

More than half of the Dutch do not belong to a religious group. This is the first time, according to research conducted by the Statistics Bureau of the Netherlands (CBS) on Monday.

In 2016, half the Dutch described themselves as debt. Four years ago, 54 percent were considered a religious group and not a minority.

According to Dutch statistics, nearly a quarter of the Dutch are Roman Catholics. One in seven is Protestant and one in twenty is Muslim. The remaining 6% have other beliefs, such as Judaism, Buddhism, and Hinduism.

Rarely visit or visit more than three-quarters of the Dutch every church, mosque, temple or synagogue. Catholics, in particular, run their backs. Reformed people often go to the house of worship. The visit to the prayer houses is stable between Protestants and Muslims.
Research also shows that older people are safer than young people and that women are more interested in religion than men.

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