PUBG dropped the hammer on Users. More than 13 Millions PUBG accounts have banned


Playing online gaming is more fun nowadays but cheating is a huge problem from to start in online gaming. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is
also part of this problem. In PUBG community that’s most common complaint that developers that did not do enough to combat cheaters.
A user of Reddit shows the figure of banned account in the last 69 days.

This figure is based on weekly reports of the blue hole which is included on weekly based cheaters banned accounts. In the first week 1852 accounts banned, in second week 1294 accounts banned, and in 32 weeks 132,676 accounts banned and after 42 accounts more than 1 millions accounts got banned which is a very large number of the cheater in the online community.

accounts banned graph

SJK045(User of Reddit) also clarify that these accounts got banned. Some think that these accounts are reopened but they do not include temporary bans. They clearly show that these accounts are permanently banned. “영구 이용 정지” This word belongs to the Korean language which means permanent Ban.

Due to this huge numbers of accounts banned, numbers of players has also dropped. In the January average of player was 1.6 million which is dropped in 30 days to 535,000 players.

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