Saudi Arabia “Pay Nothing To the USA” for its security: Prince Salman

New York – Prince of Saudia Arabia Muhammad bin Salman speak about the statement of Donald Trump which is “Saudia kingdom will not stand for more than two weeks” the Saudia prince said that our kingdom stands top from decades without the support of America(USA).

Saudia prince speaks in an interview with Bloomberg, Suaida(Riyadh) government will not pay anything to USA government for security. He also said that he likes to work with the USA and Donald Trump.

According to Bloomberg, in an interview on Wednesday, he also said: “you have to accept that your friends say good and bad things”. He also said that
your all friends are not saying good things about you even in your family some are saying good things and some are saying bad things and we put
him in this category.

Saudia Prince Salman speaks after the day when Donald Trump told their supporter at a rally in Southaven, that Saudia kingdom does not stand for two weeks without our military support.

Trump Said that “We protect Saudia Arabia. Would you say they’re rich? And i love the king, king salman. But I said, ‘King – we’re protecting you
– you might not their for two weeks without us – you have to pay for your military’,”

And Prince Salman clearly said that we cannot pay for our security but we pay for purchasing weapons from America, which have increased since trump elections 2018.

The 33-year-old prince Salman also said that we deal $110 billions worth of the USA for purchasing weapons and invest $400 billion in total deals which is a great achievement for Trump government.

He added that these weapons are manufactured in Saudia Arabia which is create an opportunity for America and Saudia Arabia and increase economy.

In the end, he said that we will retain our relationship strong with America Government.

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