Victoria Marinova Bulgarian TV host found Raped and Murder.

Victoria Marinova

Victoria Marinova 30 year old presenter and administrative director for local 30-year-old channel TVN found dead in the Bulgarian town Ruse. According to media reports Victoria Marinova also raped and beaten before murder.

The committee to protect Journalist called and ordered to investigate the murder of Reporter Victoria Marinova. Commitee of Protect Journalist said in interview that they are shocked by this act. Tom Gibson Representative fo European union said that Bulgarian authorities must use their resource and efforts to find out responsible for this act and give justice to Victoria Marinova.

According to Balkan Insight it’s not clear that the murder linked to journalistic activities. We will anylyze all ways that linked to murder. Marinova’s last show was an interview in which she work on case of fraud involving EU funds and more with Reomanian Journalist Attila Biro. In this case most important part is EU funds fruad case. According to CPJ research, two investigative journalists also killed in the EU.

Slovak investiative journalist Jan Kuciak was one of the victem of EU case who wsas shot dead in Febrauary 2018 in SLocakia, and also second investigarer journalist and blogger Daphne Caruanna Galizia was also killed in Ocober 2017. The car of Daphne was exploaded near her house. So EU case may linked with murder. Hope they will find soon those who are responsible for this act.

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